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Wahconah High Awards & Scholarships 2021
02:30PM / Saturday, June 05, 2021
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DALTON, Mass. — The following awards and scholarships were presented to the Wahconah Regional High School class of 2021.
Adopt a Senior Program Class of 2021 Awards: Sadie Anderson, Emma Carkhuff, Scarlet Connell, Sawyer Cornwell-L'Hote, Sage Guiel, Colin Mackie, Luc Ouellet, Kaeli Talora, Casey Wassilie, Michelle White
American Legion Auxiliary Benjamin F. Sullivan Unit 155: Medal & Award: Noelle Furlong; Scholarship: Chloe Accardi
Emma Bailey Scholarship: Shaun Thornton
Becket Scholarship Foundation: Aiden Betit
Berkshire Community College Foundation Grace S. Hampel Scholarships: Brock Prett, Monica Santos
Berkshire County Arc Down Syndrome Family Group Scholarship: Caitlin Ronayne
Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
Garrett Francis Collins & Josephine Goodwin Collins Scholarship: Kaitlyn Olds
Zenas Crane Fund Scholarships: Chloe Accardi, Nicholas Astore, Karly Bazonski, Lauren Bean, Connor Burt, Eleana Casey, Abigail Clayton, Jillian Cote, Meghan Doane, Noelle Furlong, Maria Gamberoni, Olivia Gazzillo, Ethan Hayes, Kassidy Krejmas, Patience MacPherson, Morgan Marauszwski, Macy Nesbit, Aisha O'Boyle, Kaylee O'Bryan, Kaitlyn Olds, Brock Prett, Callum Prett, Caitlin Ronayne, Timothy Therrien, Shaun Thornton, Julia Trager, Xavier Wellington, Daniel Wilson
Central Berkshire Education Association: Nursing Scholarship: Sadie McConnell; Teaching Scholarship: Caitlin Ronayne
Chang Chavkin Scholars Program: Aiden Betit
Dalton Lions Club Scholarship: Danielle Whitaker
Dalton Rotary Club 
Berkshire Community College Club Scholarship: Monica Santos
Leadership Scholarships: Lauren Bean, Abigail Clayton, Jillian Cote, Noelle Furlong, Donovan Keegan, Kaylee O'Bryan, Caitlin Ronayne
Dalton Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship: Paxton Strout
Daughters of the American Revolution Award: Julia Trager
Greylock Federal Credit Union Community Enrichment Scholarships: Nicholas Astore, Benjamin Klose
Hill Engineering Scholarship: Abigail Clayton
Hinsdale Lions Club Scholarships: Abigail Clayton, Morgan Marauszwski, Kaitlyn Olds
Ivanowsky Family Scholarship: Shaun Thornton
Kiwanis Club of Pittsfield Park of Honor Good Citizenship Award: Emily Pires
Knights of Columbus 411 (David H. Carmel) Scholarships: Karly Bazonski, Lauren Bean, Connor Burt, Grace Caccaviello
Monday Morning Quarterback Club Scholarships: Zachary Archambault, Quinn Gallagher, Xavier Wellington
Pittsfield Cooperative Bank Centennial Scholarships: Chloe Accardi, Carina Caporale, Morgan Marauszwski, Timothy Therrien, Julia Trager, Danielle Whitaker, Michelle Williams
Pittsfield Lodge of Elks 272 Scholarship: Ernest Lampron
Quail Inspiration Award: Kaelynn Walsh
Stone House Properties LLC Award: Julia Trager
The Mark Franklin Honorary Award: Shayne Haley
UNICO Gloria Cozzolino Powers Memorial Scholarships: Maggie Mazzeo, Nicole Mazzeo
Washington Scholarships: Vienne Peltier, Shaun Thornton

Wahconah Regional High School Awards

Art Department Awards: Scarlet Connell, Michelle White
Attendance Award "The Student Who Always Shows Up": Anthony Marra
Automotive Technology Award: Cody Atwood
Business Department Award: Noah Perault
Central Berkshire Regional School District General Scholarships: Madison Hurlburt, Austin Ovletrea, Vienne Peltier
Engineering Technology Award: Daniel Wilson
Emerging Technology Department Award: Shaun Thornton
English Department Award: Shaun Thornton
Internship Department Award: John Lavoie
Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators' Association Student Achievement Award: Kaylee O'Bryan
Mathematics Department Award: Faith Savery
Modern and Classical Languages Awards: French: Madison Hurlburt; Latin: Caitlin Ronayne; Spanish: Faith Savery
Music Awards: Choral Award: Shayne Haley; John Philip Sousa Award: Alexis Ayotte
National Business Honor Society: Sadie Anderson, Nicholas Astore, Eleana Casey, Sawyer Cornwell-L'Hote, Anthony Marra, Noah  Perault, Shaun Thornton
National Honor Society: Chloe Accardi, Kelly Anderson, Sadie Anderson, Nicholas Astore, Aiden Betit, Grace Caccaviello, Emma Carkhuff, Eleana Casey, Abigail Clayton, Jillian Cote, Meghan Doane, Noelle Furlong, Maria Gamberoni, Sage Guiel, Shayne Haley, Madison Hurlbut, Donovan Keegan, Benjamin Klose, Kassidy Krejmas, Ernest Lampron, Patience MacPherson, Morgan Marauszwski, Maggie Mazzeo, Aisha O'Boyle, Kaylee O'Bryan, Vienne Peltier, Noah Perault, Caitlin Ronayne, Faith Savery, Timothy Therrien, Shaun Thornton, Aiden Trager, Julia Trager, Giovanna Vianna, Xavier Wellington, Michelle Williams, Daniel Wilson
Physical Wellness Department Awards: Kassidy Krejmas, Aiden Trager
Principal's Leadership Award: Emma Carkhuff
Science Department Award: Noelle Furlong
Social Studies Department Award: Aiden Betit
Special School Committee Presentation: Shayne Haley, Faith Savery
Student Council Awards: Chloe Accardi, Kelly Andersen, Zachary Archambault, Lauren Bean, Jillian Cote, Noah Perault, Caitlin Ronayne, Shaun Thornton, Julia Trager, Xavier Wellington, Daniel Wilson
Superintendent's Award: Aiden Trager
The Heart of Wahconah Scholarship: Connor Burt
Tribe Awards: Haley Crosier, Kaeli Talora
Wahconah Regional High School Booster Club Awards: Nicholas Astore, Jillian Cote, Haley Crosier, Noelle Furlong, Quinn Gallagher, Ernest Lampron, Trey Massaro, Logan Newsome, Kaitlyn Olds, Julia Trager
Wahconah Regional High School Drama Award: Emma Brosnan, Shayne Haley
Wahconah Regional High School Class of 1981 Scholarship: Natalie Robert
Wahconah Regional High School Class of 2017 Scholarships: Hannah Bowlby, Nicole Mazzeo
Wahconah Regional High School Inspiration Award: Christopher Golembeski, Shea MacPherson, Nicole Wing
Wahconah Regional High School Spirit of Inclusion Award: Anthony Marra

Memorial Awards

Salvatore Abbate Memorial: Chloe Accardi, Kelly Anderson, Jillian Cote, Meghan Doane, Noelle Furlong, Morgan Marauszwski, Maggie Mazzeo, Shaun Thornton, Aiden Trager, Julia Trager
Mary T. Ano Memorial: Arianna Poirier
Francis J. Avery Memorial: Aiden Trager
Aaron Barnes Memorial: Ty Jordan
Charles and Sadie Boraski Memorial: Meghan Doane, Kassidy Krejmas, Aisha O'Boyle, Kaylee O'Bryan, Aiden Trager
William Boraski Memorial: Ashton Bird
William and Patricia Carey Memorial: Sadie McConnell
Glenn D. Carr Memorial: Faith Savery
Jane Casey Memorial: Ashley O'Connell
Peter R. Cimini Memorial: Jessica Jones
Frank N. Costa Memorial: Xavier Wellington
Mitchell K. Daehling Memorial: Connor Burt
Harold 'Hal' Douville Memorial: Noah Perault
James H. Duquette Memorial: Donovan Keegan, Caitlin Ronayne
Lindsey M. Ferrell Memorial: Jaedyn Barnaby, Amiah Renderer, Danielle Whitaker
Ida Flynn Memorial: Joscelynn Korzeniowski
Jacob 'Jack' Franklin Memorial: Xavier Wellington, Daniel Wilson
Jacqueline Harrison Memorial: Emily Pires
Kathryn A. Hutwelker Memorial: Morgan Marauszwski
Patricia A. Bartley Johnson Memorial: Ashley O'Connell
Gilbert D. Kittredge Memorial: Jillian Cote, Donovan Keegan, Ernest Lampron, Caitlin Ronayne
John J. Kowalczyk Memorial: Chloe Accardi, Grace Caccaviello, Haley Crosier, Ty Jordan, Caitlin Ronayne, Xavier Wellington
Francis Loehr Memorial: Sadie McConnell
Susan Mahoney Memorial: Laci Melle
Patrick J. Muraca Memorial: Julia Trager
Martin J. Phillips Memorial: Daniel Wilson
Robert 'Boog' Powell Memorial: Chloe Accardi, Maria Gamberoni, Caitlin Ronayne
Robert R. Powell & Joseph D. Robins Memorial: Paxton Strout
Betty Lou Sanford Memorial: Donovan Keegan
Kay Sanford Memorial: Donovan Keegan
Dorothy Shepard Memorial: Olivia Gazzillo
Helen Shepard Memorial: Morgan Marauszwski
James 'Jim' Soluri Memorial: Shayne Haley
Michael Swail Memorial: Abigail Clayton
Harry A. Walton Memorial: Kaitlyn Olds, Shaun Thornton
Carl Willey Memorial: Anna Casella


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