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Lenox Valedictorian Says Class of 2022 Has Star Power
By Brian Rhodes, iBerkshires Staff
06:32PM / Sunday, June 12, 2022
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Lenox High graduates toss their caps at Tanglewood on Sunday.

The 66 members of the class of 2022 were told they had star power. See more photos here.

LENOX, Mass. — Lenox Memorial High School valedictorian Piper Maxymillian said the class of 2022 has star power.

"That intangible quality we have when we are our best selves and when we help others be their best selves. The positive force that lives inside us all," she said. "I can safely say, class of 2022, that we have star power. From our 33 seniors graduating summa cum laude, to the involvement of Active Minds, we have all worked to better our school."

Maxymillian and the 65 other members of the class of 2022 were honored at the school's graduation at Tanglewood. Star power, Maxymillian said, was something she learned this spring working with an after-school program — Girls on the Run — at Morris Elementary School.

"Each practice, a new theme emerged. One week we talked about balance and positive self-talk, and the next empathy and compassion," Maxymillian said. "As our graduation date drew closer and closer, it struck me how relevant these concepts were for us seniors. As young adults ready to enter our next phase of life, these lessons are more important than ever."

Maxymillian said everyone in the class found their own niche and excelled at it. She asked her former classmates to keep their strengths in mind as they move toward the future.

"We can use what we have learned about ourselves in high school, allowing the strengths we've identified to shape the course of our studies or careers and embracing new strengths with open arms," she said.

Salutatorian Fiona Matthews said the high school experience could be compared to a Shakespeare play.

"You expect to be a little confused, to hopefully laugh a few times and maybe for it to drag on for a little longer than you would like," she said.

Matthews said looking back on when the group started as freshman in 2018 has shown her how much everyone has grown and changed. She encouraged her fellow graduates to embrace the moment, whether it is happy, sad or bittersweet for them.

"A lot of us thought we knew, exactly, what was coming," she said. "We'd been in the building for three years already as middle schoolers. We knew some teachers, we had friends or siblings or cousins in the high school. We were ready, until we weren't."

Class President Carolina Chassi said the class has been about making leaps, metaphorically and literally. All the leaps the graduates have made throughout school, Chassi said, were more satisfying because the group took them together.

"Before school began this year, we gathered at the Becket Quarry to share one last day before we entered the land of college applications and future decisions ... And now we are ready for the greatest leap of all: entering the real world. Whether it is continuing academic studies or immediately learning to save lives, the future ahead of us will surely be challenging and rewarding," she said.

Student Julianne Harwood said her fellow classmates inspired her with their efforts to make the school more welcoming and inclusive. She said the parking lot and the memories she made there were transformative for her student experience.

"It's where I drove for the first time, at a speedy 10 miles an hour, so terrified that my knuckles were white on the steering wheel," she said. "It's where I walked in circles for hours with the marching band, playing 'Yankee Doodle,' 'It's a Grand Old Flag' and the national anthem in preparation for the Memorial Day parade. The parking lot is the place where I shared countless little moments with the class of 2022, constant reminders of their individuality, comradery and enthusiasm."

Graduates Hallie Davies and Molly Knight also spoke before the crowd, representing the 32 students graduating as part of the National Honor Society. Davis, the school's chapter president, thanked the students for their hard work and volunteer efforts during their time as students.

"For our seniors, there will be no NHS that is part of your plans for next year and beyond, but we hope you continue to serve your community through all of your adventures and remember that no one can make a difference like you can," she said. "For our juniors,

Superintendent Marc Gosselin said 33 students in the class of 2022 graduated with a 3.5 grade-point average or greater, with more than $1.4 million in scholarships earned between the 66 graduates. He said the school play this year, 'Into the Woods,' was fitting for this class, joking that they had to go into the woods during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"You will have to go into the woods many more times in the years ahead," he said. "Starting a job, going to college, traveling, or joining the service. Life after high school will be filled with new hero quests to conquer. But don't go it alone. Reach out to others. Make new friends, forge new relationships and get involved."

Principal Michael Knybel said the class of 2022 exemplifies the meaning of community. He urged them not to forget about the school and where they came from.

"Remember, today you become LMMHS alumni. And nothing can prevent you from returning here from time to time just to something together that makes belonging matter," he said.

Scholarships and awards for the class of 2022.

Lenox Memorial High School Class of 2022

Kayla Marie Allen
Courtney Leigh Allen
Madeleine Grace Alsdorf **^
Hailey Joyce Ano #
Ryan David Baldwin Appel **#
Brianna Summers Arseneau *
Brandon Scott Barde *
Darby Patynski Bayne **#
Own Bradford Bayne **
Aidan Evelyn Burns **#^
Emma Mary Casucci
Carolina Jonae Chassi **#
Isabelle Anna Cooney **#
James Daniel D'Alton 
Halle Elizabeth Davies **#
Maxwell James DiGrigoli **#
Chloe Jean Doyle **
Paul John Duma
Grace Schoen Elliot **#
Mary Shore Elliot **#^
Jamison Ford Fairfield *
Teagan Elias Far *^
Lucy Elizabeth Fusini *
Mihiraan Gangisetty **#
Mia Noel Giardina **#
Tobias Voorhees Goodman **#
Charles David Guyer
Benjamin Louis Haddad **#
Anadelia Marie Hart **
Julianne Valli Harwood **#^
Brendan Christopher Hayden
Benjamin Matthew Heim **#
Solia A'Marie Herndon-Schmid **#^
Madison Elizabeth Hynes
Chloe Kathryn Inhelder **#^
William Norman Jakacky
Ronan Vivian King **#
Cecilia Sybilla Kittross **#^
Molly Susan Knight **#
Rovech Sabrina Lewis **#^
Saidi Loftus
Diya Gracce Loftus *
Fiona Clare Mathews **#^
Piper Amelie Northrup Maxymillian **#
Otto Ward Miesmer **#
Danielle Marie Miller *
Leah Katherine Murphy  **#
Camryn Elise O'Dell **#
Tabor Marie Paul *
Mia Antonia Pignatelli *^
Bailey Leigh Rogers *
Taylor Shea Saunders *
Chloe Anne Schilling **#^
Elise Marie Schilling **#
Lily Maria Schnopp *#
Sam Andrew Schnopp *
Kailyn James Sorrentino **#
Sara McKenna Stevens *
Harry Edward Touloukian **#
Luca Paul Traversa *
Nicholas Adamo Vaber
Renzo Alejandro Vargas *^
Michael Joseph Ward
Steven Patrick Winters
Samira Ali Zabian *
* Honors  ** High Honors  # National Honor Society  ^ National Art Honor Society
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