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Witchcraft Center and Store Opens on North Street
By Sabrina Damms,
05:02AM / Monday, July 18, 2022
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Munn is fulfilling her dream to create a space that is open to everyone in the community and witches, no matter their label, to practice in a non-judgmental way with one another.

Since the May 21 opening, Witch Slapped has accumulated 375 sales, not including the ones on Etsy which Munn has been selling on before the store opened.

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Danielle Nichole Munn has opened Witch Slapped, bringing magic to North Street and providing materials, a workshop, a community room, a healing room, and events to anyone willing to learn or experience magic.
"Really, the idea is to create community and bonding and education, and allowing a place where people feel safe to be who they are, to wear their incredibly cool witchy gear and to come here and drop off some positive energy or pick it up if they need it," Munn said 
Since the May 21 opening, Witch Slapped has accumulated 375 sales, not including the ones on Etsy which she has been selling on before the store opened. Her husband discovered this open space while working at the police station.
Munn is fulfilling her dream to create a space that is open to everyone in the community and witches, no matter their label, to practice in a non-judgmental way with one another. 
"This is my dream. This is everything I always wished I had access to. As I was finding my path," Munn said.
She noted that there are so many faiths that fall under the umbrella of Witchcraft from Paganism. Wiccan, Witchcraft, and then to the sides Voodoo and Hoodoo, and Buddhism. 
"So many of us, under this umbrella, can cross through on certain things, we have many of the same beliefs, we use the same tools, sometimes in different manners, or for different reasons. But everything kind of rolls," Munn said. 
This store is filling a need that has been missing while also providing a place for individuals from diverse backgrounds and religions to learn from one another. 
"The problem is that we don't have churches, we don't have temples, we don't have real Hogwarts, so we're mostly self-taught, as learning from folks that have may have brought it down generations through families," Munn said. 
"But if they didn't, and you have a genuine interest, you are self-learning, self-researching, and finding your path on your own. And it's a lonely path sometimes."
Munn explained that the path someone takes while discovering their faith is sometimes a lonely one because they come to realize how taboo it is and how the world often views it as evil when, in reality, it is diverse and light. 
"We find ourselves stuck in our own home broom closets, so to speak, and not being able to come together as groups to worship in our own way. And, no matter what label one of us considers ourselves, whether it'd be Buddha or hoodoo, or witchy, or Wiccan, or whatever it may be that you choose to call yourself, we all come from the same place, and we all use the same things," Munn said.
"Anything that is created from this planet, we believe, is connected to us somehow, and we recycle those items. And we thank the Universe and the Earth for providing those things. It's all in complete love in a light way."
The light friendly atmosphere that Munn created contrasts the dense, evil perception that witchcraft is portrayed as in the media that overlooks the truth of what the faith truly is. 
"I wanted to create a place where I could not only teach those that are new, that are novices, those that are curious how things work and allow them to get hands-on experience so that they can crush that stereotype and those ideas. But also those that want to get in their path, to find themselves have an outlet to do so someone to ask someone for guidance," Munn said. 
Munn explained that like everything there can be negative individuals who can tarnish the character of the faith through their actions but the majority seek to do good.
"Just like any other faith, we have a handful of folks that we don't approve of just like anyone else but our foundation legitimately comes from worshiping this planet, and how things grow on it," Munn said. 
Munn noted that if someone were to attend one of their ceremonies, such as a full moon ceremony, the way it is conducted is drastically different from how it is portrayed in the media. 
"We are drawn to these wonderful natural and organic things. We're connected to them by the energy that they hold the vibration that they have. If you see us, come to us on a full moon ceremony, we're not dancing around naked, under the full moon and wishing bad on the enemies," Munn said. 
"We are legitimately praying in our way, and using herbs and crystals and water and different types of fires in order to create the energies that we want. And all of those energies and intentions and manifestations are to create a better place to create peace to create love to create unity."
Munn said that witches are mindful of their manifestations and their spells and purposefully use the term "with no harm, to others" because they do not wish to do harm. 
"We believe that what you put out is what you get back. If I send you negative wants and desires, those desires are going to be returned back to me, it's not worth it. So instead, we choose to send you love to send you positivity even if we don't like you. Because that is a better way to handle a situation," Munn said,  
"It's kind of like sending in sugar instead of sourness, and that allows us to know that we can forgive, we can forget, and we send you love. We send you wonderful things. And by doing that, we can walk away feeling that we know that you're on your path, and we're on ours."
Similar to how many other religions pray,  witches expand on that by utilizing the energy from the natural elements, objects, and words in the effort of being led down the path of creating the life and state of mind they desire.
"We're trying to change the perception because we don't understand exactly where this dark side came from. TV, politics, man made religions, they all create fear," Munn said. 
"Yet a lot of the different religions are based on a lot of the old paganism foundations. In every faith, majoritively all start with the basis of love. And that's where we start."
The majestic and open atmosphere that Munn wishes to create to break free from the "broom closet" is presented to the patrons as soon as they enter the store. They are confronted with a cozy communal space furnished with a couch, fluffy stools, and a table displaying local business cards and books. 
This all-inclusive place is perfect for cracking open a book, gathering, and learning. Everyone is welcome from curious individuals to novice or expert witches.  
The inviting space is further demonstrated by the enthusiastic and passionate Munn who greets her patrons and is willing to answer any and all questions to those curious and willing enough to listen. 
The church also offers a healing room that is available to be rented out to practitioners running independently "whether it be massage or acupuncture, Reiki, anything that falls in the spiritual line of healing."
Growing up Munn was Catholic but always asked questions regarding the religion. She was initially introduced to the faith when her mom gave her a dream book that explained the meaning of her vivid dreams.
Munn continued on her journey but did not jump into witchcraft until she was in her 20’s after her mother passed away 
She was able to tell her father, who passed away a couple years ago, that she was an eclectic witch who supported after understanding the truth of the craft as long as she had faith in something. 
For more information visit their website here
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