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Lenox Class of 2024 'a Really Good Bunch of Kids'
By Tammy Daniels, iBerkshires Staff
08:43PM / Sunday, June 09, 2024
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The 61 students in Lenox Memorial High School's class of 2024 graduate on Sunday at Tanglewood.

Valedictorian Genevieve Collins tells her classmates that they have had a bountiful harvest in what they had experienced at Lenox Memorial. See more photos here. 
LENOX, Mass. — The Lenox Memorial High School class of 2024 will be remembered as "a really good bunch of kids."
Superintendent William Collins said they earned the label early on — it's followed them from kindergarten through high school. 
"There was something special about the chemistry and history of individuals comprising the class of 2024," he told the family and friends in the Shed at Tanglewood for graduation ceremonies. I need not remind you that this is a class that began high school during the pandemic, a fate undeserved by anyone. It is a testament to their resiliency. They not only returned to in-person instruction but they made up the lost time. They've done a lot."
Collins called the 61 graduates on the Tanglewood stage "doers, achievers and accomplishers, highly intelligent and exceedingly kind."
He noted that the pursuit of happiness was held as equal to life and liberty in the Declaration of Independence. And rarely is the shortest line between two points the fastest road to happiness. A study on common factors of happiness, he said, found that rather than material wealth, "having a happy, connected friends for a wide social network, we are more likely to bring about enduring happiness."
"Circuitous routes are the best routes, serendipity by its very nature lives where we don't expect a pleasant surprises lie waiting unseen and unforeseen around the next bend on paths that we've never expected or intended to do," he said. 
Don't be afraid to ask for help, Collins said, make friends, or a friend. Know that Lenox Memorial is a better place because of the class, he said, "we know that you will carry a piece of us with you whether you stay in Lenox or travel halfway around the globe."
Salutatorian Alice Culver touched on some of those circuitous paths, including how much they have all changed since entering middle and high school. 
"We found community in sports teams, clubs and even classes," she said. "We've discovered passions and interests that we never could have expected as fifth-graders. ... Some of these changes are expected, like getting driver's licenses or learning algebra, well, hopefully. Some were unexpected as we tried new things ... over the past seven years, we've become artists, athletes, performers and more."
The classmates can expect even more changes over the five or 10 years as they make their way in the world. 
"But there's one thing about this that won't change," Culver said. We're all from the Lenox class of 2024. That is one thing that will always tie this special group together. I ask all of you to remember where you're from, remember being in fifth grade standing at the microphone in the middle of gym and as high school seniors here today about to graduate. ...
"I'm so grateful for all the memories we've shared."
Valedictorian Genevieve Collins reflected on a quote from Elizabeth Anne Seton, "When so rich a harvest is before us, why do we not gather it? All is in our hands if we will but use it." The class had been gathering that harvest for years without realizing it, she said. 
"From tracing our first letters in kindergarten to writing long independent research papers as juniors. We've come a long way and learned so much during our time," Collins said. "We've learned from our families and bosses an example of a wonderful community in Lenox and the importance of hard work, dedication, kindness and honesty."
Along the way, they also grew their talents such playing soccer under the lights or studying lines of Shakespeare.
"It's safe to say that we grew a bountiful harvest here," she said. "Certainly have your different experiences, which has molded your strengths and talents. For the rest of your life, know that the strong foundation you've cultivated in Lenox is your own. It makes you special and has given you many chances."
She urged her classmates to take advantage of every single moment and to share their gifts with the world. "I am so grateful for the years we've spent together and excited to see what is to become of the harvest we all picked," Collins said. 
The class of 2024 was ushered in by the school band, and Genevieve Collins sang the national anthem and Luca Jordan lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Anna Nealon and Gabriella Hall offered reflections on the class; Lillian Colvin sang Taylor Swift's "Long Live" accompanied by Jackson Frederick on guitar; Romina Gomez sang "All I Ask" by Adele; and TDB comprised of Frederick, Ian Bridges, Cormac Matthews and Benjamin Ames performed White Stripes "We're Going to Be Friends.
Class President Alexander Fuster spoke of some of the activities of the last four years, contributions to the community and that the class received $1.5 million in scholarships. Finn Jolly spoke on the concept that time is a construct within the human mind, so the class should not be afraid to return again and again to this moment when the going gets tough: "We will always be here to celebrate the incredible achievement of graduating high school and honoring the culmination of our lives."
Before Principal Jeremiah Ames joined Collins, School Committee Chair Veronica Felton, Assistant Superintendent Melissa Falkowski and Assistant Principal David Pugh to present the diplomas, he thanked the graduates for letting them be a part of the class's experience at Lenox. 
"We're going to assume we're gonna miss every one of you, in ways you won't understand for about 25 year," Ames said. "I can't wait to hear about all the wonderful things you learn as you step from Lenox Memorial into your futures."
Graduating Lenox Memorial High Class of 2024
Mason James Abdalla*
Robert James Alderton**#
Ryan Edward Alderton*
Hannah Elizabeth Alsdorf**#†@
Benjamin Michael Ames**#† 
Amber Lee Arseneau*
Ashley Marie Arseneau*
Argen James Baver**#
Hutchison Hale Bray**#
Ian Andrew Bridges**# 
Dagan Ryder Brunette
Sean Michael Cestone**# 
Genevieve Anne Collins**#†
Lillian Anne Colvin**# 
John Byrne Cooney**# 
Alice Marie Culver**#†@ 
Joshua Duque
Ethan Lucas Fairfield 
Robert Maxwell Ferren**
Charlotte Jo Fleury-Belman**#
Jackson Everett Frederick**#†
Alexander Robert Fuster**#†
Romina Galilea Gomez Ramirez Venegas Zapata**†
Jack Robertson Goodman**# 
Gabriella Christina Noelle Hall*
Owen Marcel Hart*
Zoey Hsu**# 
Nicole Ibeth Illingworth**#@ 
Finn Daniel Jolly**#†
Luca David Jordan**#
Jordan Patrick Katt
Shaler Arnold Larmon
Finian James Lenehan**#
Max Qing Loftus*
Carly Barbara Lyon*
Juan Camilo Manrique**#†
Cormac Fox Mathews**#@
Teagan Hall Maxymillian**#†
Maria Paula Mendoza Meñaca*†
John Victor Mielke*
Luiza Monteiro-Tramontin*†
Nicholas Thurin Moore**#
Aliza Claire Munch**#@
Anna Rosalie Nealon*#
John Michael Pignatelli
Richard Francis Piretti
Jasmyn Alissia Ramos
Jon Haldor Reinholt*
Max Samuel Shepardson
Reagan Rose Soares-Paradise**#†
Christopher Raymond Alexander Sohl**#
Lucas Kemp Stites*
Graham Mark Thompson**#
Katherine Joan Thompson**#
Holland Frances Tuck**#†
Samuel Christopher Oliver Valente**#
Marlene Denise Valero Calderon**#†@
Brendan Michael Ward*
Connor Ward Westlake**#
Yavuz Abdurrahman Yildiz**#
Chloe Leigh Young**#†
**High Honors   *Honors  #National Honor Society   †National Art Honor Society   @Seal of Biliteracy
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